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My name is Jordan and I’m from West London. Music has always been a great passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Growing up my father, Natty Frontline was a successful DJ through the 70s and 80s giving me my love for music. 
My music journey started in 2014 where I began recording and making my own music which lead me into A&R.  

I discovered artist Real Raidz who I then collaborated him with previously signed to Roc Nation artist K Koke where we produced ‘Tun up’ which has over 500k views on YouTube. 
Following this I went onto managing and mentoring Real Raidz into his music career.  
This consisted of wardrobe, music videos, arranging studio sessions as well as managing and getting him to live shows and radio shows such as DJ Kenny Allstar and BBC Radio as well as other UK stations. 

I started EURAP TV in 2016 with the vision of bringing the UK and European rap artists together on one platform as this will bring a new unique sound to the music industry.